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Packing up and moving…

September 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Since I moved myself to Colorado, I’ve come into more free time than I had before, so I am packing up the site and moving it soon. The new home isn’t ready yet, but it will feature all of the old content plus considerable amounts of new stuff. And it will have an awesome new look and feel! Needless to say, I thought I would go ahead and give everyone the heads-up in advance that the site will be moving soon. Don’t worry about the old links and content here, WordPress will forward you to the new location as soon as I’m ready to go.


Why the month hiatus?

Quite frankly, I’ve been too busy for most of July to sit down and plug out an entry for a few hours at a time. Between working full time at my regular job as a professional printer for one of the largest professional only photo labs in the US, working on my own website for my photography business and simply getting my own business going again after moving from Arizona to Kansas. On top of all that, July had no shortage of holidays, special events and graduations that all required my attendance.

Needless to say, now that July is nearly over and I have mostly finished my own web site as well as getting all of the paperwork and what not taken care of with the state, I can now take a little time out of my day to put down more entries on a regular basis again.

I’d like to thank the few hundred people who regularly check the blog every week for hanging in there. I was under the suspicion that blog hits would have dwindled to none since my last entry but I was pleasantly surprised otherwise.