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A Lightroom tutorial for Landscape & Urbanscape Photographers

August 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Although I enjoy photographing unusual (and ordinary) people, my real joy of photography takes me out to unusual or beautiful locations to photograph objects or landscapes, sometimes even an “urbanscape” is worthy of capture too. Regardless, not every capture can come “straight out of camera” exactly as you wish. In fact, most of the time I see what I want from the image but know that their is no reasonable way I can get what I see in a single exposure. At the same time, I know I can easily set up and capture a bracket and make an HDR from it, more often than not, I can easily get a SINGLE exposure and do some extreme editing to get the very most detail and color out of the camera RAW file as possible.

Needless to say, that is what this video tutorial is about. Although it’s not my very best work, I felt it was a worthy image and I was working on it already since I captured this image just the night before.

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Pixel Bender + Fixel Plug-Ins

April 11, 2011 4 comments

I’m already hearing the confusion from a number of people reading this. “What’s Pixel Bender?” or “What’s a Fixel?” Well, that is what this post is about.

First off, I want to say that before I came across the Fixel plug-ins for the “Pixel Bender” plug-in for CS5, I only had a vague knowledge of the Pixel Bender myself. So now that we are all starting on the same page, lets get going…

Adobe Labs - Pixel Bender

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Need your votes! Again!

Here we go again, this week I have another entry titled “Fire In The Sky” which is my beautiful sunset 7-shot HDR over the Grand Canyon.

So, lets get those votes in for my entry please!! I’m begging all my friends, go vote now!

Anyway, click the link below to see and vote for my image by clicking “MY FAVORITE PHOTO” link on the Facebook page.

This link should take you right to my entry which looks like this (without the borders):

Fire In The Sky

I need your vote! Please help me win…

March 26, 2011 1 comment

Since I have decided that I wanted to take a shot at winning a trip to Las Vegas to meet Peter Lik (someone who I take a lot of inspiration from for my own work), I decided that in order to win, I needed as much support from my friends, fans and other people that follow my blog and YouTube channel. In any event, every week or so for the next few months I will be adding a new image to the competition in an attempt to win the grand prize trip to Las Vegas and personal tour of Peter Lik’s gallery. (Which I have actually been to already a few years ago, but without meeting him there of course.)

Anyway, click this link to see and vote for my image by clicking “MY FAVORITE PHOTO” link on the Facebook page. (You may need to be a fan of the contest to vote, I’m not completely sure yet.)

This week’s entry should look like this (If not, please find it and vote for me thanks!):

Just a video today – Lightroom Processing

January 27, 2010 2 comments

I put together a quick video of a typical image processing in Lightroom from start to finish showing the steps on how I take a raw image straight out of camera and make it ready to sell.

In the video I cover quick color corrections, crop and angle, general corrections to density and exposure as well as spot fixes using the adjustment brush. I also hope to post a little more advanced video soon.

For best quality, click to view in full screen and in High Definition (HD button).

Put your lab to the test. Part 1

August 7, 2009 8 comments

Unless you print everything yourself, you either rely on a professional mail order lab, local professional lab or a local retail chain of some sort to handle your photo printing needs. But are you getting your monies worth when you send your prints off to professional labs at professional prices? With such a wide range of prices for professional and retail labs for the same size print, what are you really paying for when you go with a more expensive mail order lab over a less expensive lab or even submitting files to your local Costco for inexpensive enlargements?

In the coming weeks I plan to test a number of large mail order labs, a few local sources and a few retail chains. At this time I can’t say what labs and chains I plan on comparing but I can say the test will be comparing every aspect of the prints I receive back from each source including paper brand and type, paper weight, color accuracy / color corrections, how they handle files of different color spaces, print sharpness and overall print quality. Of course total cost, speed of delivery and overall ordering experience will be compared as well.

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