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Some freebies from onOne Software.

Who can pass up freebies these days? I mean really, the only thing that can beat a freebie is someone paying me to use the freebie, but you could almost consider that the case here as you will not have any problems selling products made using these pre-designed layouts and other elements provided courtesy of onOne Software.

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Favorite Software for Photographers

February 6, 2010 3 comments

Like most photographers, you may have the basic software to get the job done. Typically some version of Photoshop and possibly software that came with your camera for importing and processing files. But what about software for a very specific purpose? Or better yet, what software is worth even getting? I can honestly say that I have tested and tried many of the most popular plug-in’s and programs made for photographers and image processing. Most are decent in their own way, some are a waste of money but here is my short list of those that make the cut as my favorites and/or most used programs (excluding Photoshop which is a given).

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