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I need your vote! Please help me win…

March 26, 2011 1 comment

Since I have decided that I wanted to take a shot at winning a trip to Las Vegas to meet Peter Lik (someone who I take a lot of inspiration from for my own work), I decided that in order to win, I needed as much support from my friends, fans and other people that follow my blog and YouTube channel. In any event, every week or so for the next few months I will be adding a new image to the competition in an attempt to win the grand prize trip to Las Vegas and personal tour of Peter Lik’s gallery. (Which I have actually been to already a few years ago, but without meeting him there of course.)

Anyway, click this link to see and vote for my image by clicking “MY FAVORITE PHOTO” link on the Facebook page. (You may need to be a fan of the contest to vote, I’m not completely sure yet.)

This week’s entry should look like this (If not, please find it and vote for me thanks!):


Two for Tuesday – Video Tutorials

So, it’s been months since I had the time to sit down and write a blog entry. And quite frankly, I still don’t have the time to sit down and do a lengthy, formal tutorial. Instead, I have sat down and finished two video tutorials, one for Lightroom 3 and the other for Photoshop. As always, both in HD quality for viewing pleasure.

The first video for today is a tutorial covering how to correctly balance color using a ColorChecker Passport or any other white balance target, including reasons behind why you should not balance using the dress, suits or other objects with unknown color tones. As well as how to quickly apply these settings to a group of images. I also cover basics of the histogram and highlight/shadow clipping warnings in Lightroom, what they mean and how to correct for it.

Click through for the second video plus a link to more freebies!

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A Review and Tutorial for Oloneo PhotoEngine HDR Software

November 2, 2010 4 comments

Although HDR / HDRi imaging is nothing new to photographers, it seems to have gained in popularity over the last two years. Due to this increase in popularity, many major software vendors have decided to develop and release their own software for generating and processing these high dynamic range images. In the past to do HDR images, software was difficult to use, very slow and often had garish and unrealistic results. How times have changed since those early days…

Oloneo PhotoEngine HDR Tone Mapping Preview

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Fujifilm takes 3D photography to new levels.

August 17, 2010 Leave a comment

So this caught my eye today. It seems that the Fujifilm FinePix W1 launched last year was such a hit that they have taken the technology, shrunk the package and added some features that make it a very interesting pocket size camera.

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Just a quickie… PhotoEngine by Oloneo

Due to time constraints, I am going to just post a quick few lines on the currently Beta product from Oloneo called the “PhotoEngine”. The PhotoEngine software takes working with RAW captures to a whole new level. Imagine being able to “mix” light in multiple exposures like an audio engineer might use a mixer to blend different levels of instruments or effects. The PhotoEngine allows you to do something very similar to this. It also takes HDR do a new level with an easy to use interface and very good HDR processing for accurate and very realistic results.
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Inexpensive color laser printing in-house; No really!

Ok ok, what I am about to review isn’t exactly lab-quality stuff here. Nor is it tabloid size awesome prints on any weight paper. However, for under $200 what can you really expect?

That’s right. UNDER $200 if you shop online you too can have a compact color laser printer with results that actually impressed me enough to go into details here about it. Oh yea, and it’s WiFi ready too! And did I mention it will actually fit on your desktop?

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So how about that Adobe?

July 6, 2010 2 comments

I’m sure at least a few people are wondering what gives. The blog has been silent for nearly a month and no new videos have been made in at least as long. So what gives?

Well first off, Adobe happened. To clarify, Creative Suite 5 (also known as CS5) was released AND to complicate things, Lightroom 3 went from an open Beta to a final cut very quickly at about the same time. Why is that significant? Well, it means I had a lot to do, learn, try, test and fix. It’s no surprise that CS5 was released with some bugs and “quirks” in it. And to make things worse, the now fully 64bit version is fantastic and fast but left behind a lot of plug-ins and add-on software. In fact, every last add-on that I own was broken for at least the first few weeks after CS5 was released. (Some of mine are still not compatible in 64bit mode.)

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