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Where has Jason gone??

August 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Well, to start, I spent the last few months preparing to move one state over and actually accomplishing this task. (Which is no easy task considering the move was about 650 miles and nearly a five-fold increase in elevation, plus I clearly under-estimated the size of the moving truck necessary to accomplish this task efficiently.) Needless to say, we made it and all of our belongings made it in one piece as well. Though still unpacking, the necessities are set-up and working now. (Computer, Television, Bed) On that, I am currently taking a short break from full-time work to concentrate on full-time school so that I can accelerate through my degree program even faster than before. (Business Administration with a specialization in Small Business and Entrepreneurship, who would have guessed that from an award winning photographer!?)

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Nikon to announce new lenses Thursday.

Not that I can afford any new lenses at the moment (unless someone wants to be generous and buy me one), rumors have been all but confirmed that Nikon will be announcing at least a pair of new lenses as well as the upgraded D300s body within the week.

As it is, the lens I have been waiting a long long time for Nikon to update is now one of the rumored lenses to be announced this week. That lens is of course the Nikkor 70-200 VRII which will have the following features (from
* Stabilization system VR II
* Nano coating
* New faster Auto Focus
* Weight 1540g (70 grams more than the current model)
* 209mm length (slightly shorter than the current model)
* Minimum Focus Distance: 1.4m (for the current model is 1.5m)
* 77mm filter (same as the current model)

Another lens rumored to be announced this week is an upgrade for the popular all-around 18-200 VRII lens. No real details on what may have been changed or upgrade have been announced yet for this lens. I suspect it may have better control over zoom creep when shooting at midrange zoom levels. (Which is a problem for the current model.)

Of course the D300s specs should be similar to those listed in my previous blog entry a month ago.