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A Lightroom tutorial for Landscape & Urbanscape Photographers

Although I enjoy photographing unusual (and ordinary) people, my real joy of photography takes me out to unusual or beautiful locations to photograph objects or landscapes, sometimes even an “urbanscape” is worthy of capture too. Regardless, not every capture can come “straight out of camera” exactly as you wish. In fact, most of the time I see what I want from the image but know that their is no reasonable way I can get what I see in a single exposure. At the same time, I know I can easily set up and capture a bracket and make an HDR from it, more often than not, I can easily get a SINGLE exposure and do some extreme editing to get the very most detail and color out of the camera RAW file as possible.

Needless to say, that is what this video tutorial is about. Although it’s not my very best work, I felt it was a worthy image and I was working on it already since I captured this image just the night before.

On to the video!

As I mentioned before, I LOVE to do HDR captures and find that I can really push the limits of “reality”, sometimes I prefer to push the limits of a single exposure to get the most realistic image possible without any chance of getting a “fake” look out of it. (Even with the best HDR software and techniques, sometimes it’s difficult to make a realistic end result.)

As always, for the best quality watch in full-screen 720p HD mode.

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