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Where has Jason gone??

Well, to start, I spent the last few months preparing to move one state over and actually accomplishing this task. (Which is no easy task considering the move was about 650 miles and nearly a five-fold increase in elevation, plus I clearly under-estimated the size of the moving truck necessary to accomplish this task efficiently.) Needless to say, we made it and all of our belongings made it in one piece as well. Though still unpacking, the necessities are set-up and working now. (Computer, Television, Bed) On that, I am currently taking a short break from full-time work to concentrate on full-time school so that I can accelerate through my degree program even faster than before. (Business Administration with a specialization in Small Business and Entrepreneurship, who would have guessed that from an award winning photographer!?)

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So now that I am somewhat re-established again, I am currently working on several pet-projects and will have more details on those very shortly. One project took me WAY back to my High School and early College years as a programming major, and after brushing up on code, I will have my first Mac and Windows application available for photographers very shortly. (Stay tuned for more info on this!) The other project is still in the planning stages but will take a considerable amount of work to complete. I do hope to start on it before the fall as the long Colorado winters will be a great time to do some editing on this project.

And at a last note, yours truly received a wonderful honor from the Professional Photographers of America, 2011 International Print Competition in the form of a Silver Metal for “Excellence in Photography”. Congratulations to me!

For readers that happen to reside in the Denver or Aurora, Colorado areas, please feel free to comment here. I am looking to make some connections and LOVE to talk shop with other enthusiast in the area. Plus I’d love to hear about some of the beautiful areas to go and create art around this wonderful state.

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