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Two for Tuesday – Video Tutorials

So, it’s been months since I had the time to sit down and write a blog entry. And quite frankly, I still don’t have the time to sit down and do a lengthy, formal tutorial. Instead, I have sat down and finished two video tutorials, one for Lightroom 3 and the other for Photoshop. As always, both in HD quality for viewing pleasure.

The first video for today is a tutorial covering how to correctly balance color using a ColorChecker Passport or any other white balance target, including reasons behind why you should not balance using the dress, suits or other objects with unknown color tones. As well as how to quickly apply these settings to a group of images. I also cover basics of the histogram and highlight/shadow clipping warnings in Lightroom, what they mean and how to correct for it.

Click through for the second video plus a link to more freebies!

And for today’s second video post, I do a typical retouch on an image including blemish removal, tone down eyelids, skin softening, plus a bonus look at one of a few upcoming actions that I will be selling later this year.

As for the actions, I hope to have a website up later this spring and will offer paid downloads with in-depth video tutorials for each action. Look for discounts for more announcements on this later this spring including more samples and other details.


One last thing I would like to share today is a very nice freebie courtesy of onOne Software. Along with the “lite” versions of some of the onOne software applications, they are now offering downloads for COMPLETELY FREE templates and layouts for albums, photo books and other products. As well as backgrounds, “widgets” and other design-it-yourself parts. All of which are very high quality.

Get the free downloads at: http://www.onOneSoftware.com/free
Please note, you will need to register a free account with them to access downloads.

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