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Fujifilm takes 3D photography to new levels.

So this caught my eye today. It seems that the Fujifilm FinePix W1 launched last year was such a hit that they have taken the technology, shrunk the package and added some features that make it a very interesting pocket size camera.

As described in more detail at DPReview, the new W3 model now has a much larger screen, more compact size and can now also take 3D stills and HD video at 720p that can be viewed on 3D capable television sets or in special 3D capable Fujifilm picture frames. (I’m assuming these are digital picture frames based on the same technology as 3D TV’s but it isn’t described in detail at DPReview.)

What catches my eye however is the 2D modes that can allow multiple pictures to be taken using both sensors simultaneously. Except the trick here is you could in fact take a closeup and wide angle shot at the same time. (That would be great for action shots of kids, etc.) Or you could have one set to capture at higher sensitivity levels or in a different white balance mode perhaps.

Although I don’t see a huge following for 3D photography for some time, it might be a fun way to make some really interesting images and perhaps in time someone will perfect printing in 3D from these types of captures. Needless to say, in the meantime I wouldn’t mind getting a FinePix W3 just for the fun of it!

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