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Eye Retouching – Lightroom Edition

So, you watched my video or read the tutorials on how to do some of my retouching tricks in Photoshop. Eye Retouching and Enhancing – Photoshop Tutorial But you’re still not impressed… Or perhaps you like to work within Lightroom for as much editing as you can. Now you can do complex retouching in Lightroom!

I show the steps to do my eye retouching and enhancing as done in Photoshop, except this time in Adobe Lightroom on a camera raw file in a completely non-destructive way. This may be the future of editing so now is a good time to start practicing! These tips and tricks can be applied to just about any retouching in Lightroom so don’t limit your experimentation to just eyes or simple things. Dig in and see how complex you can go with the tools provided!

Because of the time constraints of YouTube, I decided to do the edits and then go back and explain the steps I took to get to the final image. Editing in Lightroom is somewhat slower and slightly less intuitive still, however I hope with Version 3 just around the corner, perhaps some of the tools will be enhanced to be easier to work with and perhaps add things like pen pressure or better spot retouching tools which will help speed the editing process up some.

For the best video quality, play the video in full screen with HD enabled.

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