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Too many Photoshop brushes?

If you are anything like me and have collected WAY too many custom brush sets for Photoshop, there is hope for us yet! Brush Pilot is the answer!

Brush Pilot

Brush Pilot is an affordable (currently only $15) application brought to us from the fine people over at BittBox.com. It is a compact, stand alone program that lets you quickly and easily preview 8bit and 16bit .abr files outside of Photoshop.

Brush Pilot also allows you to install brush files in one click and helps organize everything in one screen. On startup, it finds all of the brush files on your system brings them together in an easy to navigate menu for fast brush previewing. The preview window also gives virtually instant views of what each brush looks like in that set. The thumbnails can also be scaled up or down to see detail in smaller brushes or to easily navigate a large set.

Although it is currently only available for Mac users (including Snow Leopard support), I do suspect they may have a version for PC users planned.

My thoughts are that this is worth well more than the $15 for the application. Along with the time saved individually loading and testing each and every brush in a set (which could be hundreds or even thousands depending on how many custom brush sets you have), the program makes it so much easier to load brushes you want, when you want. This has already brought out new creative ideas from brushes I forgot I had and saved me tons of time trying to sort out which custom brush to use. And we all know that time is money so anything that saves time is worth getting.

If I could suggest a feature, it would be nice to be able to set up a way to rate the files or organize them by favorites so I can see which ones I might want to use more often and keep them handy.

Get a trial version now at www.brushpilotapp.com

Brush Pilot for Mac

Brush Pilot for Mac

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