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PCB announces Einstein 640.

Although Paul C Buff Inc. announced and then quietly pulled the then upcoming Alien Bees “MAX” model that was to be released this summer, they decided to go back to the drawing boards and came back a few months later with a more feature packed “Einstein 640”. The Einstein 640 is a true 640 WS monolight that supports “world power”, meaning it can be plugged in any outlet from 95 volts to 260 volts, 50-60Hz. (A very nice feature for traveling shooters!) This also allows it to play nicely with pure sine wave DC to AC power supplies such as the Vagabond portable power supply also from PCB.

From their own update page: (HERE)

“It utilizes IGBT switching of the flashtube to yield a precise and consistent nine f-stop range of power adjustment (2.5WS to 640WS) in exacting 1/10f steps, either from the rear panel or from Cyber Commander via the optional inexpensive transceiver module (model# CSXCV). IGBT switching of the flashtube results in flash durations that become shorter and shorter as power is reduced – a feature usually found only on extremely costly European power pack systems and on most low power speedlights.”

All that is more or less way over my head. But what I do know is that means action stopping flash duration, accurate control over exposures and full control over the Einstein 640 by remote using the optional Cyber Commander. (Which is also expected to ship very very soon and is compatible with PCB gear clear back to 1986!) The new IGBT power supply also makes it possible to electronically regulate the color temperature of the flash to within +/- 50°K across the entire power range. (Catalog shooters rejoice!)
It will also feature a 250W quartz modeling lamp that tracks the power level of the flash over the full 9 f-stop power range. Also, both the flash tube and modeling lamp are concealed under a frosted Pyrex dome for protection of the flash tube and modeling bulb. And since essentially both the modeling light and flash will come from the same light “source”, the frosted Pyrex dome, setting up and aiming lights under modeling light power should result exactly the same light pattern when the flash is fired. It should also serve as a nice first level of light diffusion to more evenly illuminate a light bank or umbrella. Or it can be used with the new PCB “PLM” system. (PLM System = Parabolic Light Modification System)
The Einstein 640 features a 1.7 second recycle time at full power and subsequently reduced recycle times at partial power levels. (It’s no Profoto 8A but it doesn’t cost as much as new compact car either!) It does feature fan cooling and protective circuitry to save itself from overzealous shooters like myself. (I haven’t caught anything on fire… yet!)

Expected price is currently set at $439.95 and an addition $29.95 for the optional transceiver module (model# CSXCV).

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