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For Sale?

Congrats to me for the first sale of a print online. For those not already familiar with RedBubble, give it a look here. – – -> RedBubble

The image is one of my favorites and probably one of the most involved to finish. It was produced from a series of 6 images with three bracketed frames +/- 1EV shot for each position. These were combine into two HDR (High Dynamic Range) images which were then tone mapped exactly the same and both were merged into a single large panoramic image. That was then further edited in Photoshop with my usual dodge/burn layer, sharpening and finally it was passed through the new B&W filter with custom settings used to get the most contrast from the ground and what little brush and other foliage was alive.


The six frames were shot with my Nikon D300 using a Nikkor 14-24mm F2.8 wide-angle zoom. (A fantastic lens I might add.) This was set up on a weighted and leveled tripod and triggered via a cable release to minimize the risk of shake.
Just to give an idea how large and detailed the final image is, here is a 100% slice of the image. The final image would make a 20.5″ x 45″ print and still have significant detail.


Buy art With the sale of the print, I will be doing a writeup this week on HDR and how to do it, what it is used for and different techniques. I would also like people to consider trying out RedBubble for promoting and displaying their own works. It is completely free, simple to use and it uses a community based system with groups for everyone to show off and compete with others images to keep you creative or inspire ideas.

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