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Pro Lighting on a Budget?

With the recently announced AlienBees MAX™ mono-flash units from Paul C. Buff, Inc now even photographers on a budget can afford lighting with professional level digital controls and features. The new AB MAX even has features that other “high end” brands do not include. They can also be controlled remotely by way of plug-in CyberSync™ transceiver and firmware updates can be done with the Micro SD card slot built into the flash body.

One of the biggest gains is the far greater stability of the flash color temperature at different power levels. AB MAX are rated at +/- 50°k from 1/8 power all the way to Full 1/1 power. If greater control of flash color isn’t enough for you, they are also capable of fast T1 Flash Duration for motion stopping power. (T1 represents the full duration of the light emitted from the flash bulb.) And you get all of this for less than the price of a professional level hot shoe flash. (About $430 for the AB MAX 640 model.)

If that isn’t good enough, they have also announced the Parabolic Light Modifier System™. New in this line are a 16 segment collapsible parabolic umbrella with add-on options to use it in multiple configurations including converting it to a giant shoot-through umbrella. These will be available in 42″, 64″ and a super large 86″ model. New high output reflectors and a new silver 22″ beauty dish are also being released with the new PLM System.

To complete the system, the new Cyber Commander™ transmitter will offer full control over up to 16 AlienBees™, AlienBees MAX™, White Lightning™ and future lights offered by Paul C. Buff, Inc. It will also be capable of triggering non-PCB lighting via available plug-in transceiver. The Cyber Commander allows for control over power levels, modeling lights and will aid in setting up lights quicker with less trouble and more accurate results.

More information and complete specs here: AlienBees MAX™

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